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Starwood System
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Ingenious, innovative, especially designed for the Starwood frames... it's the European leader in patented systems

Wooden frames Aluminum frames
warmth, beauty, elegance strength, unalterability
high maintenance costs, deformability poor aesthetic appearance

The Starwood system: the secret to success

The system is designed to enhance the quality of the two materials used and to avoid the problems caused by each of them. The result is a product of the highest quality in terms of both design and technical features.

The materials used - aluminum and wood - are combined by using the Starwood patented system and provide excellent rigidity features to the resulting frames.

The aluminum/wood combination is optimized by means of special patented nylon clips, which keep the two frames separate to avoid contact in case of different expansion of the two materials due to climatic strains.

The glass is fixed by using an exclusive and innovative patented snap-on glazing bead. Neither screws nor nails are therefore required. This system ensures further isolation of wood, which receives no stress from the outside, thus making glass fixing and maintenance much easier.

The aluminum is passed through a special processing stage in order to remove its metal appearance.

The versatility of design allows these frames to be used for different environments and interior architecture.

Starpur's state-of-the-art technology has designed exclusive frames, combining the strength of aluminum and the elegance of wood, thus producing a natural harmony that is typical of the Starwood system frames.